30 November, 2010

Juicy Loves Glamour Girls

So excited for Juicy Couture's "Juicy Loves Glamour Girls" event! I'm very excited to see the collection, and can't wait to see Erin Fetherston!!!!

28 November, 2010


Here are some looks from the photoshoot I had today in my backyard (my first time in my backyard)! They're all looks I pulled from my closet and so it's just primarily for inspiration. I know I don't do a lot of...well hardly any outfit posts so here are some of the things I wear on a daily basis!

Styling on Steroids.

wrap it up.

Red is in the air.

One of the colors I really need to own more of. It's so bold and striking. I just recently received a red fur coat from a friend and it's amazing! I also got a red knit sweater from Marc Jacobs that is equally amazing! I'll post pictures soon of them!

Elizabeth Mason Presents A Tribute to Valentio for The Paper Bag Princess, Vintage Couture


KmossIknowbanner from Belushka on Vimeo.

26 November, 2010