30 September, 2010

NYFW Roundup: Christian Cota

Christian Cota's show was definitely an upgrade from previous seasons, besides the fact that it was an actual runway show instead of his usual presentations. Cota stepped it up a few notches, after being nominated for the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund, (I was in his studio when Vogue came in to film him working on the collection), and his previous Fashion Group International Rising Star of 2009 award.
Cota was inspired by the Yucatan Peninsula, and came up with the idea to juxtapose nature and technology. Although the collection lacked on the technology side, his tailoring was extremely well-done with beautiful draping and flowy silhouettes, that really flattered the model's bodies.
My favorite was the black sheer jumpsuit, which I think is a must have piece in everyone's wardrobe. Cota also excelled in his almost-transparent digital prints, which were breathtaking. They were so great that Aldo decided to do a collaboration, and are making shoes from his collection with his prints. I definitely felt a sort of California-girl vibe from it, but a very elegant California girl.

NYFW Roundup: Rodarte

What better place to look for spring inspiration than your own backyard? For the Mulleavy sisters, it was a no brainer. Rodarte S/S11 collection included "every shade of brown you can imagine, seventies suburbia, wood paneling, gold, off colors like chartreuse- Basically a combination of all the things that represent the area to us". And that area, for those of you who are wondering, is Northern California, where they grew up. But more specifically, inspiration for the collection came from the native Redwood Forests.
I personally don't know anyone who could make wood print beautiful and fierce, and they perfected it. What I admire about the Mulleavy sisters is the fact that they really think about the construction of their clothes, and the story behind them. This shows in some of their pieces, as many shirts had detailing that looked like falling leaves, and one pair of pants resembled tree trunks.
The Mulleavy sisters also stayed true to their loyal fans who are used to their dreamy aesthetic, as they included lavish gold numbers with beautiful draping and classic china white and blue prints.
It has certainly been a fantastic year for Rodarte, especially now with rumors of LVMH signing them. I definitely have my eye on them, now that they have shown that they've grown and can produce more mature, thoughtful designs and still keep their signature, eccentric flair they're known internationally for.

26 September, 2010

Diana Eng at Maker Faire

Hey guys, It's been about six days since my last post. That is unacceptable. I've been SUPER busy with everything including college apps and I barely have time to sleep. I'm choosing to post right now than finish my homework first, so enjoy!

Yesterday I helped my friend Diana Eng (from Project Runway Season 2) put on her fashion show at the World Maker Faire, in Queens. It was a GIGANTIC convention, and she was headlining with her fashion show. This is just a quick post with the first pictures I could find online, but when I get the real photos from the photographers and behind the scenes photos, I will post them! One of the photographers we had came from Rolling Stone Mag!

21 September, 2010

NYFW Roundup: L.A.M.B.

While most designers upped the white in their collections, Gwen kept to her wild side, using fun prints and shapes for spring, which normally would be associated with autumn. As you may know, I love the idea of printed trousers, so as soon as I saw a picture of the collection with the most amazing printed pants, I had to take a look at the entire collection!

18 September, 2010

NYFW Round Up: Marchesa

I really loved Marchesa's gowns this year. They were so elegant and fun, and they also seemed like it took hundreds of hours to complete them. They were so intricate, and kind of reminded me of a modern fairytale. I bet Rachel Zoe was dying in the audience. She needs to get her hands on those dresses for the Oscars and whatever else comes along! 

I love this dress because of it's shape and the way it looks like the print is seamlessly fading into the bottom of the dress. She looks like a flower almost, and I love the addition of the white on the top. 

I like this one only because of the way it was made. After working at Eyebeam, I have a bias when it comes to laser cutting. I loved using the laser cutter for everything, and I really appreciate it when I see it being done on clothes. 

This is my favorite of the bunch, because of all the details and the intricate ruffles all around the body of it. I noticed that a lot of designers have ruffles somewhere in their collection. I also really like the jewelry on the head of the model. It really goes well with the dress. It adds to it's uniqueness. 

I like the idea of using jewelry as some sort of inspiration for body armor, as you really feel like she's some medieval princess, waiting in the background of war. So cool. I also like the idea that it becomes the support for the dress, and the actual fabric is not being held up by the shoulders. 

I always like a good fishtail dress, and this seems perfect for the biggest and lavish of all occasions. I also love this because of the textures shown. It really makes me want to feel it, and if it was food, it would be really yummy. 

This dress is really cute, and is prefect for a lavish party where you don't want to wear an extra-long dress that you can barely move in. It's young, fun, and flirty. When I see this, I think jellyfish. It's just so light and airy. Adore it. 

Last but certainly not least, we have this dress jumpsuit. I love how they broke out of the dress routine and added a few other looks, including this beautiful jumpsuit. I love the idea of using sheer and sexy lace to create the pants and top, and it really works. I'll never look at jumpsuits the same way again. And the fact that it's cut so low and does not wrap around your shoulders makes it so much more sexier. 

16 September, 2010

Bill Blass

The other day I was working for Bill Blass. It was SOO much fun. And the idea of having a presentation made the day so much less stressful for everyone. I really grew attached to the models since I've helped cast them for the past month. I also really loved the clothes. It was funny because I was asking my coworker Summer who their market is. We decided that it was for spunky women who work in the office, with a fashionable flair.
I love this mini bra-shirt!
And knit dress!

Banane Taipei: The Package

Vera Wang S/S 11: The Models