31 January, 2011


When you sit down at a Valentino show, you pretty much already know what you're going to see. Actually, you 'think' you know what you're going to see. However, What you get is a lot more. As the first model walks down the runway, you try to imagine how this one look frames the rest of the collection. But as each model walks down the runway, it becomes harder and harder to frame this collection. Each look is more exciting than the other, and somewhere, Rachel Zoe is dying while pre-ordering each dress for Oscar Season.
See what I mean:

Elie Saab

Today I saw pictures from Elie Saab's 2011 Couture show. After viewing a few couture shows, I've noticed that a great deal of detail is placed on these gowns...I know it wouldn't be couture without the immense detail...although to me a few shows have gone above and beyond. You just wouldn't see this much detail and care in something like Jean Paul Gaultier (not knocking his work). I know. I mean to say, there is a great delicacy in some of these gowns...you'll see:

27 January, 2011

Armani Prive

 I was intrigued by the direction Armani Prive went in for their collection this season, as it felt like watching people step off a spaceship from another, more stylish planet. All of the outfits were very "sifi", as clothes shimmered, and draped like liquid metals.  Even the hats they wore seemed like metal satellites. I was most impressed by the shape and draping of the clothes, as they looked so other-worldly, but in just the right, chic way.

23 January, 2011

Prada SS11

I'm LOVING this video for Prada's Spring Summer 2011 Collection! Reminds me of the backwards Lavnin for H&M dancing video.....

22 January, 2011

Vote For Me For Refinery 29's Next Great Fashion Blogger!!

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! I know it's been a while since I've last post...I planed and threw a crazy school dance last night so I've been consumed by that all week...speaking of consume I'm catching back up with all the Menswear shows today!! So keep on the lookout for posts!

Anyway, I entered this contest for Refinery 29, a super awesome website I read all the time that has the best deals and info on sales and everything! It's a style blogger contest, and they're judging me on my content as well as my following, so please vote for me! It only takes two seconds, and it's connected through your Facebook!

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17 January, 2011


The show begins the same way most Autumn Menswear shows begin...a model walks down the runway in a simple structured dark suit; monochromatic and void of all the allusions to spring, happiness, and warmth. However slowly but surely, the Autumn I know and love begins to appear. First in bright red-orange corduroy pants, and then mustard yellow, next a wonderful blue pea coat. Soon color has bled onto the runway as every model walks down in something exciting. Wether it's an electric green shirt hiding under a jet black coat, or a simple light brown trim on a navy suit jacket, color has found it's way back to our hearts...and our closets.
But the return to bold color did not stop at just Bottega Veneta. It seems as if Milan's Menswear season has finally seen the light.
More and more designers have incorporated bold, bright colors; in no way sacrificing the actual architecture or structure of their designs. A suit jacket is still a suit jacket, except maybe even more inviting in a brilliant shade of fuchsia at Jil Sander.
For those of you who don't need (or want) to wear a solid fuchsia suit to work, you can still incorporate this upcoming season's trend into your basic everyday attire. The basic elements of Jil Sander (form and function) were not spared as Raf Simons added little sightings of bold color on sweaters, collars, and lust-worthy linings. Christopher Bailey also followed the trend with his collection for Burberry Prorsum, which featured a coat for every season, but revamped with deep luxurious colors and shades. So why all the color? Maybe it’s just time for change. And who said only womenswear could have fun? Mark your calendars as 2011 issues the return of COLOR! 

Bottega Veneta 

Bottega Veneta 

Jil Sander 

Jil Sander 

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum

16 January, 2011

I Just Died.

I just died. I want this jacket from Dolce & Gabbana.

Bottega Veneta Fall 2011 Menswear

I'm very much in love with Bottega Veneta's Fall 2011 Menswear collection! I've always loved Bottega Veneta, but their collection a few days ago was terrific. Here are some shots from the show, showing the details I've fallen in love with:

I'm liking the way there are so many layers and not a standard fold where the creases are. 

I LOVE this bag, and love how the leather is fraying all over the place. 

These shoes looked so great on the runway, and I decided that I'm saving to buy these, which means I'll have them in a few years...lol. But I also loved how the pants are actually leather on the outside. Looks extremely soft. 

The bursts of color on the runway always surprises me, and I love the detailing on this jacket, with the leather and cotton mix-up. Also the fact that it's Double-breasted, (which is really hot this season) and the fact that it's a-symmetrical. 

Layering is a big trend always for fall, and I like how they chose to expose it during the show. 

I want this clutch. Men usually don't carry them around, but it's perfect to put your money in, phone, and whatever else you need for a quick getaway to lunch or someplace important. And I love how they translate it to something men can feel comfortable carrying around. 

More color! Great shade of purple. 

I love this because of the leather detailing, stitched to the side of the sweater. I really feel like going out to get some soft calfskin or something and then adding it to one of my sweaters!