30 August, 2010

My secret love affair numero siete.

Bryanboy is amazing. I just love his style and his way of thinking. I really wish I knew him personally. Who knows. Maybe during Fashion Week I'll run into him. And Rumi Neeley. I love her too!

Perhaps my favorite look of his. I'm going out tomorrow to buy a camel-colored shirt, maybe from J Crew and a shirt, and some jeans. The hat and the bag really make this outfit stand out!                                              

Can you believe this jacket was only 50.00?? From Mandee? 

Leather shorts! 

I'm in love with this coat. It reminds me of a starry night. So amazing. 

My future in about a year or so...
All pictures from Bryanboy

More Fall Guides...

Here is an editorial from Vogue Nippon, that follows a girl from day to night, showcasing fall 2010 looks:
I'm not one for stripes, but it's something that always comes back. I do HATE yellow black and white together. It's just so overwhelming to me and I think it's too much of a statement in the least possible way, that it's risky. It's either something you can do well or not at all. 

The oversized camel sweater. Prepare for the return of big pieces and sweaters. 

Celine is one of my favorite womens wear designers because she works wonders with leather and minimalism. Everyone should have one outfit that exhibits simplicity.  

Long trench coats with long dresses are popping up in a lot of magazines. It's such a Marc Jacobs trend. She looks like a chic French nomad, wandering the streets with only a few dollars in her pocket. 

Camel and aztec blue also looks great together. The shape of the shirt is also unusual somewhat, in addition with the skirt. I think the skirt is all wrong for her, as it looks like a plastic bag in this picture. 

I love color blocking and the idea of red paired with beige or camel, and black. It's such a bold statement. 

29 August, 2010

WTF Anthropology

Today I spent the day helping my "mom" move from the lower east side to the upper east side, and after a fantastic dinner at La National, we walked past Anthropology. I HATE that store, and what I saw in the windows shocked me. I'm sure they have cute things hidden around, but boy did I want to shoot myself when I saw this in the window. It really makes me wonder if the owners just laugh at the fact that yuppies actually buy this shit. Or do they stand by their products? I don't understand. I know I could do a WAY better job styling the outfits in the windows. At least people won't be scared away from the store. Or maybe they purposely make it horrible so people stop to look, and then they see something they like. Who knows. All I know is I don't want horses trotting on the green pasture that happens to be my crotch. There are even more incriminating pictures but I didn't want to post them. Too embarrassing for the store. I'm thinking about posting a note on the door saying "When you fire the window stylists, give me a call".

8.29.10's Necessities.

I want these pants! The pockets are so cool and spacious. And I love how the shirt exposes the chest. It's so geometrical and fresh. 


This makes me laugh because she looks like an animal on top, and then it turns into fine lace that seems to showcase her "private parts". 

I'm in love with these boots that go with the dress. 

Backless dresses are so cute! 

Where the sky ends.

Here is an awesome editorial I found online, for the August issue of Attitude. I love the styling here and all the different options they chose.

I feel like Lanvin re-invents black, and turns it into something beautiful. It's not just a pair of black trousers. It's something more. I can't really describe it, but Lanvin really transcends the meaning of black. 

WOW. Must be a bitch to take it off. But nevertheless stunning. 

You all know my obsession with Burberry Prorsum. I would DIE if someone sent me their coat or an old coat that's lined with fur. DIE. Winter would be my favorite season. 

Love these pants! Versace dresses gay men. Period. 

Leather shirt!!!! I need one! 

I chose to include this only for the makeup! 

I like his use of sheer materials and those short shorts. Some men have really nice legs and they need to show them off! 

I just like this because of the idea of having a one-piece robe. So cool. 

Love the simplicity of the shirt, but what really makes it are the gold thorns surrounding it. 

28 August, 2010

From FIT to Brooklyn.

Today I was walking around FIT, and spotted this woman. She was super awesome and she made her pants! How cool is that? And they look great. I love pants with prints! It's the new frontier

And then in Brooklyn I came across this woman! She was selling stuff and I brought two shirts. I loved the way she just put on her scarf and jewelry. It's chic and really effortless.

27 August, 2010

Memories from season's past.

My friend Zoe and I at NYFW. Can't wait till next time! Only two more weeks and we'll rule the tents! 

Today's visual inspiration.

I LOVE vintage suitcases. I have two currently holding all my books and things under my bed. They're so cool. I just need one that's lightweight because they're actually pretty heavy! 

I just thought this was funny. It's a play on that famous beach scene from that movie....umm well I don't remember but it's a classic. I like how he's making out with the girl and the guy. Interesting. 

I love these boots. They remind me of a galaxy of stars printed on sandpaper rapped around his legs. So cool. 

26 August, 2010

Chanel Takes a Chance.

Earlier today I went to Chanel's "Take A Chance" party at Bloomingdale's, 59th Street. It was actually pretty fun. The afternoon was filled with tarot card readings, live DJ-ing by celebrity DJ Sky Nellor, and chocolate-dipped fortune cookies. And we can't forget about the perfume and free make-up from Chanel!!
My friend Tia. Loved her military jacket! 

Getting my tarot cards read. I liked her. 

This girl is amazing. She has her own blog, which I forgot, so if you're reading this, comment on it with your blog link!!!

DJ Sky doing her thing. I really liked her. She knew exactly what to play, and where to play it! 

Loved the top of this outfit! The bow is sooo cute! 

Yummy fortune cookies!! 

The testers we won with our fortune cookies! 

I also picked up some things from an antique store earlier, like this book (A Dram of Poison), A wallet...which I'm obsessed with, and two double-handled tea cups with a nice spoon to go with it. Oh and that gold leaf necklace. 

Chanel x Bloomingdale's x Teen Vogue=Take a Chance

Hey guys, if you're free today from 4-7, check out the 59th street Bloomingdale's. Teen Vogue and Chanel are hosting some sort of party...I don't really fully understand from the invitation, but it seems like there's going to be free stuff! So why not! And I'll be there snapping pics of the chicest girls/guys present! So look out for me! 


Ashley has a new spread for Fashion Magazine, and she looks better than ever. I wonder what I would dress/look like if I was a billionaire before I turned 18....

I like the idea of transitioning into fall with the pumps and the long socks. She also wears fall colors, and brightens up her look with the yellow bag. I love the fur vest. Haven't seen that before! 

I love the idea of the knit bra. I know this is Dolce and Gabbana, and it looks great. It's meant to be worn like Ashley is wearing it, like a top and not underwear. She definitely rocks it! 

Interesting to add the leather on top of the lace. You kind of need both. And the pumps. Also, notice the layering of the bracelets on top of the shirt. I've never seen this before and I really like it! 

I really like here hairstyle here. I think this is the best for her. 

This ring is amazing. No wonder it's 22,000.00USD. I like the idea of layering bracelets on top of the gloves.