29 August, 2010

WTF Anthropology

Today I spent the day helping my "mom" move from the lower east side to the upper east side, and after a fantastic dinner at La National, we walked past Anthropology. I HATE that store, and what I saw in the windows shocked me. I'm sure they have cute things hidden around, but boy did I want to shoot myself when I saw this in the window. It really makes me wonder if the owners just laugh at the fact that yuppies actually buy this shit. Or do they stand by their products? I don't understand. I know I could do a WAY better job styling the outfits in the windows. At least people won't be scared away from the store. Or maybe they purposely make it horrible so people stop to look, and then they see something they like. Who knows. All I know is I don't want horses trotting on the green pasture that happens to be my crotch. There are even more incriminating pictures but I didn't want to post them. Too embarrassing for the store. I'm thinking about posting a note on the door saying "When you fire the window stylists, give me a call".

1 comment:

  1. Anthropology usually has brilliant window displays. Thew problem is that their brilliance never comes from the clothes they showcase. I definitely agree about the clothes though. That shit is ugly and overpriced.