13 July, 2011

Working at Interview

As you may know already, I'm interning at Interview Magazine in the fashion closet. That means you'll probably see me running all over the city delivering and picking up clothes and accessories from showrooms and stores. It's a hard and backbreaking job...but the best part is...THE CLOTHES!

Every day new clothes come in, and we get to unpack them and document them! Here's what I liked so far: (more to come soon!)
Prada! Love the detailing it took to make this coat! Every single piece of shiny plastic is sewn on! 

A hat from Prada! Super furry! It almost looks like hair. 

My friend from Interview. Another Prada headpiece, made out of plastic shingles! 

Miu Miu! Maybe a tad bit too-much glitter. Don't want to look like a cheap prostitute. 

Alexander McQueen. Enough said. 

This Mulberry bag, that is metallic purple, and I'm pretty sure it's ostrich. Crazy!! 

I loved this small Hermes shoulder bag. It's pink despite this picture, and just the perfect size for the essentials...besides the iPad.

04 July, 2011


Versace and H&M. I know where I'll be November 19th. What about you?

03 July, 2011

Wanting Prada Brogues

Ever since I saw models walking down the runway in these bad boys, I knew I needed them. Leave it to Muccia to create amazing shoes, that compliment her amazing clothes. You already know how much I love talking about Prada's SS11 collection, so I don't think I need to elaborate more.

However, I am jealous of everyone that walks around in SoHo with them. Somehow I'll come up with the xxx.xx amount of money that they cost....Hopefully before they become so last-season!

Thanks to Wendy from Nitrolicious for the pictures! Apparently they're very comfortable!

This guy has the right idea! You can get them in so many colors!!!