24 April, 2011

Erdem x Spring!

Spring. While flowers are blooming and you stuff last season's shearling bomber in the back of your closet (which seems to be shrinking in size) one wonders, "should I wear jeans, or really stand out wearing that maxi-dress?"
For many, every single detail can make or break that decision to try on that dress you've stuffed away for so long. Maybe you haven't been working that elliptical machine at the gym lately, or you shouldn't have eaten that pie last night. Whatever your excuse is, don't let it hold you back. Wearing a skirt or dress is supposed to be liberating, not enslaving.

There are many types of dresses out there to best show off your figure or lack thereof. So now that I've convinced you to wear one, who would I recommend?
Who am I feeling lately for spring?

Erdem Moraligolu's SS11 collection left me with one thing. Desire. Now I know I'm not a woman, nor do I want to be. But man am I jealous that women have the option of wearing something as beautiful as his collection was!

The collection, (inspired by his co-curating the Victoria & Albert Museum's Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes, 1909-29 exhibition,) featured awe-strucking floral dresses with structures and the flow of ballet costumes clearly reflected within the collection. For example fitted figure-hugging bodices, and romantic flaring skirts.
Even the show stopping shoes; a Nicholas Kirkwood creation, were tied up the calves like a modern utilitarian version of ballet slippers.
The sheer detailing of his dresses would be enough for a woman to trade in her husband for a sample size. Working with lace and embroidery is a challenge. If the proportions are not accurate, it can look a bit cheap. Somehow Erdem creates the perfect balance. Even working with floral prints can prove to be a challenge as well. How does one choose the perfect print that people will actually buy? At what point does it change from a chic woman wearing a floral print dress to a woman unnecessarily eaten up by a gigantic bush? 
These are the legitimate problems designers worry about. Erdem surpasses with every garment that struts down that empowering runway. 

The staging of the show was extremely appropriate: Outside in a park. 

The transition from white lace to splashes of reds, blues, greens, and yellows, to me showed the importance of starting fresh, a clean slate only showcasing the form and construction of the garments. The basis or foundation for a terrific collection. More pictures after the jump! 

So this idea of starting fresh. What does it mean to you? What will you do differently this spring? What will you wear that you've been wanting to wear but are too afraid to? Leave your comments below! I'll go first: 

Starting fresh to me is waking up with a new attitude towards life. Maybe it's brushing my teeth a bit longer or opting for real maple syrup than the fake stuff. Whatever I do, I'll be happy and I'll look good as well! As for what I'm wearing...COLOR! Dramatic color and lots of it! Maybe even bright pink trousers! 

The texture of these heels are great! 

Notice how some of the work is done on top of each other. 

Love this look! 

Detailing is amazing. 

01 April, 2011

The Day in Fashion 4.1.11

Love the blazer from Balmain! And these shorts are fab!

Love a dress when two or more fabrics/textures are involved.

I love the prints from Celine! I want these pants in a more tapered-fit!

Everyone needs a fur boa from Prada!

I would just feel like a phoenix in this!