30 August, 2010

More Fall Guides...

Here is an editorial from Vogue Nippon, that follows a girl from day to night, showcasing fall 2010 looks:
I'm not one for stripes, but it's something that always comes back. I do HATE yellow black and white together. It's just so overwhelming to me and I think it's too much of a statement in the least possible way, that it's risky. It's either something you can do well or not at all. 

The oversized camel sweater. Prepare for the return of big pieces and sweaters. 

Celine is one of my favorite womens wear designers because she works wonders with leather and minimalism. Everyone should have one outfit that exhibits simplicity.  

Long trench coats with long dresses are popping up in a lot of magazines. It's such a Marc Jacobs trend. She looks like a chic French nomad, wandering the streets with only a few dollars in her pocket. 

Camel and aztec blue also looks great together. The shape of the shirt is also unusual somewhat, in addition with the skirt. I think the skirt is all wrong for her, as it looks like a plastic bag in this picture. 

I love color blocking and the idea of red paired with beige or camel, and black. It's such a bold statement. 

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