26 August, 2010


Ashley has a new spread for Fashion Magazine, and she looks better than ever. I wonder what I would dress/look like if I was a billionaire before I turned 18....

I like the idea of transitioning into fall with the pumps and the long socks. She also wears fall colors, and brightens up her look with the yellow bag. I love the fur vest. Haven't seen that before! 

I love the idea of the knit bra. I know this is Dolce and Gabbana, and it looks great. It's meant to be worn like Ashley is wearing it, like a top and not underwear. She definitely rocks it! 

Interesting to add the leather on top of the lace. You kind of need both. And the pumps. Also, notice the layering of the bracelets on top of the shirt. I've never seen this before and I really like it! 

I really like here hairstyle here. I think this is the best for her. 

This ring is amazing. No wonder it's 22,000.00USD. I like the idea of layering bracelets on top of the gloves. 


  1. I know D&G did a whole line of lace dresses... Anna Dello Russo wears them so well. The leather on top of the lace seems like a very good idea... it kind of seems like a reversed apron situation.
    A knit bra... ? That sounds really uncomfortable xD

  2. I'm pretty sure the bra is lined!