25 August, 2010

Camel is the new black.

Camel this, camel that, nowadays everything has to do with camel. When did this sick, newfound obsession with camel start?

New York Fashion Week.

One can safely say NYFW bore camel. Or was rather a point-source of revival, into the sea of starved, crazed fashionistas, ubiquitous and eager to spend those extra savings from the tip jar waitressing at the Coffee Shop Bar part time, on something new.

From Michael Kors to Phillip Lim to the last show at Bryant Park (Tommy Hilfiger), camel made it's rounds. But not just in one medium. There were camel coats, shirts, skirts, shoes, bags, just about everything.

But camel is smart. It did not stop there. It traveled the world to London, then Milan, and most importantly, Paris.

Paris was the tipping point, as everything was camel! From Chloe (which was almost entirely camel) to Hermes, Akris, to Stella McCartney.

Camel is on it's way to world domination.

And why do I think it has what it takes to rule the world...or season? Because as I am writing this first draft, I notice I'm wearing a camel tank top. I was just thinking to myself, "I don't own any camel, how can I keep talking about something I don't own?" And then I look down. It's interesting to see how much camel you own. You'll be surprised.

But camel is special. You can have a cheap camel coat, and it could rival that of a 300.00USD Calvin Klein topper. That's why the velvet craze died a premature, tragic death. The trend that can be carried and produced in all different directions, and can be affordable and at the same time made for the richest of all, will persevere!

Camel on the runways, peacefully stolen from Fashionista.com

Camel Coat from H&M

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