26 August, 2010

Chanel Takes a Chance.

Earlier today I went to Chanel's "Take A Chance" party at Bloomingdale's, 59th Street. It was actually pretty fun. The afternoon was filled with tarot card readings, live DJ-ing by celebrity DJ Sky Nellor, and chocolate-dipped fortune cookies. And we can't forget about the perfume and free make-up from Chanel!!
My friend Tia. Loved her military jacket! 

Getting my tarot cards read. I liked her. 

This girl is amazing. She has her own blog, which I forgot, so if you're reading this, comment on it with your blog link!!!

DJ Sky doing her thing. I really liked her. She knew exactly what to play, and where to play it! 

Loved the top of this outfit! The bow is sooo cute! 

Yummy fortune cookies!! 

The testers we won with our fortune cookies! 

I also picked up some things from an antique store earlier, like this book (A Dram of Poison), A wallet...which I'm obsessed with, and two double-handled tea cups with a nice spoon to go with it. Oh and that gold leaf necklace. 

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