18 September, 2010

NYFW Round Up: Marchesa

I really loved Marchesa's gowns this year. They were so elegant and fun, and they also seemed like it took hundreds of hours to complete them. They were so intricate, and kind of reminded me of a modern fairytale. I bet Rachel Zoe was dying in the audience. She needs to get her hands on those dresses for the Oscars and whatever else comes along! 

I love this dress because of it's shape and the way it looks like the print is seamlessly fading into the bottom of the dress. She looks like a flower almost, and I love the addition of the white on the top. 

I like this one only because of the way it was made. After working at Eyebeam, I have a bias when it comes to laser cutting. I loved using the laser cutter for everything, and I really appreciate it when I see it being done on clothes. 

This is my favorite of the bunch, because of all the details and the intricate ruffles all around the body of it. I noticed that a lot of designers have ruffles somewhere in their collection. I also really like the jewelry on the head of the model. It really goes well with the dress. It adds to it's uniqueness. 

I like the idea of using jewelry as some sort of inspiration for body armor, as you really feel like she's some medieval princess, waiting in the background of war. So cool. I also like the idea that it becomes the support for the dress, and the actual fabric is not being held up by the shoulders. 

I always like a good fishtail dress, and this seems perfect for the biggest and lavish of all occasions. I also love this because of the textures shown. It really makes me want to feel it, and if it was food, it would be really yummy. 

This dress is really cute, and is prefect for a lavish party where you don't want to wear an extra-long dress that you can barely move in. It's young, fun, and flirty. When I see this, I think jellyfish. It's just so light and airy. Adore it. 

Last but certainly not least, we have this dress jumpsuit. I love how they broke out of the dress routine and added a few other looks, including this beautiful jumpsuit. I love the idea of using sheer and sexy lace to create the pants and top, and it really works. I'll never look at jumpsuits the same way again. And the fact that it's cut so low and does not wrap around your shoulders makes it so much more sexier. 

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  1. Love Marchesa. Always have, always will.
    About the Jumpsuit though: the idea of the sheer lace pants was done by Valentino last year. Still love it, and wish I could have it. =/