16 July, 2010

7.16.10 (Trend! Sheer Tops)

Today I went to American Apparel to get some t-shirts that are sheer and pretty much transparent. One trend that is really catching on is transparent-ish clothes. Usually you'll find someone wearing a shirt or tee that is very sheer, especially because it is so hot and humid! I would recommend going to American Apparel to get these tees and tanks, only because there is a whole section dedicated to them, and they're the softest thing I've EVER touched. Like, seriously. It's unnatural. You should just go to feel it, if you don't want to buy them.

However, there's only one drawback. They're kind of expensive. Well what would you expect from American Apparel? They run for about 24.00. But totally worth it in the end! 

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