30 July, 2010

Fall Trend Report #1: Welcome to the 50s

When you think of fashion week, there's one thing that's not on your mind...boobs. Nowadays models are super-skinny, most walk down the runway leaning backwards, and you just don't see boobs. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but majority of women on this earth have boobs. I don't see why the fashion industry pretends that their customers don't.

Anyway, I loved fall fashion week because it marked the return of...Boobs! The models were bustier, spunkier, and all-around healthier! Louis Vuitton's show was most significant, as Marc Jacobs cast women from all different age groups, and majority of the dresses were made to be worn on bustier women.

This transition pretty much started a trend, where we returned to the 50s. We saw hourglass silhouettes, curve-hugging skirts, and vintage prints. Here are some of my favorite looks from this trend: (and sorry for the terrible photoshop job...still learning!)

 From Left: Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci, Paul Smith
From Left: Bibhu Mohapafra, Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg, Luisa Beccaria

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  1. Hey Luther,
    Louis Vuitton's show was really inspiring. I want those bags....
    Anyway if you ever need photoshop cutting work done, I could easily help. :)