25 July, 2010

Random Editorials No. 1

So today I was just surfing the web and came across these pieces from different editorials. I chose some and explained why in the captions. Enjoy. Although now that I realize it, it's funny because the first one is colorful, and the rest are so dark.
I really love the combination of pastels and nude colors. They were just meant for each other. You don't really see this combination out in the wild as much as you should, so if you're reading this...try it out. It's classic as well as chic. 

When I saw this I fell in love with his double-breasted shirt. The fact that there are so many buttons really made me happy. It's something you don't really see anymore. 

His glasses are amazing. 

I love his shirt so much. I just love that specific print. That is all. 

I really like his coat here, because it's all leather and is so shiny. Maybe liquid leather. The cut is also superb. 

I just chose this because of her gracefulness. The way her body swings is just amazing. It must have taken such a long time to be able to get this shot with the bag perfect and her legs and head in symmetry. 

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