25 August, 2010

Behind the scenes of YRS

Today I'm taking you behind the scenes to my room, where all of the magic happens!
I'm also showing you my favorite accessories and stuff!
My inspiration table, usually full of magazines and books I read before I start blogging. 

Mandated books, Trade Show Handbook, and Gossip Girl. Yes. 

When I'm burnt out, I play the Wii!!! 

Yes I'm oldschool. Degrassi High! 

Where stuff gets done. 

Clockwise from left: Vintage perfume, Vintage necklace, Vintage Marc Jacobs bracelet, Marc Jacobs Skull necklace, Vintage ring, Vintage ring, I don't know what that is, Handmade shell necklace

My cat Lucky. I also call him Thomas sometimes. He gets confused. He has a habit of lying all over my clothes and in my drawers. 

Jeans, from left: H&M, H&M, Vintage, Lux., H&M, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Amsterdam (the country), Uniqlo

My closet. Well Lack of. All hanging on a clothes rack. 

My scarves and other things in a giant beehive. 

From Left: Vintage, Vintage, Topman, Topman, Topman, Topman, Vintage. Vintage, Topman

Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole, Urban Outfitters, and H&M

The three bags I will be giving away in contests! 

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  1. So cute. Think you could bring Degrassi High to Cape May? They're such a great throwback.