03 August, 2010

Compass Trade Show Afterparty (Thrown by Diesel)

Well...another party and tons of more pictures from it! I met a bunch of cool stylish people. They were also all young, and restless. Instead of going on and on about my night, here is a recreation made up of pictures, and some of my favorite looks of the night!

Denim needs a comeback. Like, seriously. 
Sam and I, as matching twins. 
J.Camacho looking good as usual. I like the whole color-scheme going on. 
Loved the simplicity of this outfit, from the tank to the simple cargo pants. Her shoes were also really nice...looked like Alexander Wang to me...
I love transparent tops....and this blouse was beautiful. 
Annie, the master of gold hoola-hoops! 

I loved this romper because...well I naturally love rompers, but the fact that it was so simple and sheer made it super awesome!
Her tutu was fierce. The only one there. And balanced with a simple white tank. 
I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I feel like tonight was all about simplicity, and she nailed it with a really nice cardigan and boots. I love how it's off the shoulder as well. 
Carrot-toped pants look good on just a few people. 

Someone's going to have fun tonight! 

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