10 August, 2010

My soon-to-be "it" bag...

Hey guys. Meet my new bag...well soon to be new bag. The good people over at Banane Taipei are sending this bag to me soon, and I can't wait. It's a perfectly-sized canvas bag with a beautiful 5-side print of a Birkin bag. Since I don't have 10,000.00 USD in my bank account at this very moment, I won't be purchasing a Birkin anytime soon. However, this is an AWESOME way to help me hold out until that dreamlike, unreal day. They come in about 5 different colors, and they're just full of love. When I receive it, I will be sporting it around (most likely at Fashion Week)! A detailed review (and pictures and info on how to pick it up and how put your name down on the waiting list because they can only make about 6 an hour because it's in high demand in Taipei) will come soon!

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