20 August, 2010

Some things you need for fall.

Here are some things you should have for fall...I know the list never ends...but...here are some options:

Something military-styled. Military is really hot for fall. But you never wear camouflage. Just colors that are associated with it.
Something military green and chic, with a nice belt for the waist. Try to keep the outfit as understated and minimal as possible!
Shearing/fur lined jackets. Preferably bomber jackets that are form fitting. Think Burberry.
A maxi-dress, that really flows. You don't have to add the jacket on top, but if it gets cold, put on that bomber you just brought.

1 comment:

  1. I want one of those shearling coats soooooo badly! Already scoped out the Helmut Lang one- too bad it's like 2 grand :(

    If you can find any reasonably priced alternatives to that trend, I'd love to see them.