11 September, 2010

Fashion's Night Out...

FNO 2010 was definitely a hit. Considering the fact that thousands of people all over New York City shopped until they dropped, it was really successful. Maybe even a little too successful. Last year Anna Wintour did not expect so many people to show up, so she made last night even bigger. Last night thousands of people crammed SoHo, blocked Broadway and the tiny cobblestone streets, in hopes of seeing celebs like Andre Leon Tally, Gwen Stefani, Karl Lagerfeld, and many others. At one point, people started running on top of the cars that were gridlocked! It was actually quite scary! But nonetheless amazing to witness. So many fashionable people out (way passed 11 by the way) and about shopping and stimulating the fashion economy. So here is my night in pictures!

First, I went to my first show of the season, at the tents. It was the College of Arts I think, and it was amazing. I'll post about that later...

Zoe and I taking a Myspace picture...

Zoe is so fierce! Loved the sheer shirt and lace bra combo, and the vintage leather jacket. 

Radomly a huge FNO double-decker bus just popped up and picked us up from Lincoln Center and drove us to SoHo. It was so amazing! We sat on the top and waved to EVERYONE, like it was a big party. It was my first time on a tour bus, and I've always wanted to go! And the best thing was....it was totally free! 

Met these girls on the street, loved the second from left girl's outfit! Really digging the fur vest! 

Jose Camacho, working that necklace and black jacket. He's always fierce. 

Jose, Audrey, Lauren, and Zoe. They all have great style and I love Audrey's vintage feel. She always dresses like this! 

Jeffrey Cambell leopard wedges. SO CUTE. Gotta love Sydney!

Loved the long skirts here and the first from the right's sweater! 

Such a great combo of the shirt and bow-tie. Speaking of which, I did not wear one because EVERYONE is wearing bow-ties now. It was my thing before, and now I feel like I blend in. But this couple is really cute! 

This guy is amazing. Assman I think... But his shirt is from Viktor and Rolf. So cool! Love the detailing all over the shirt! 

Loved these outfits. She made them herself! The dress is so cute, and paired well with the knit cape! 

I really liked this outfit, mostly because of the color! Such a deep satin color in person! 

Need I say more? 

This guy is so cool! Started his own magazine DirtyDurty. Shoes are amazing, I don't even need to tell you. I'm not going to say where he got them or who they're by because I'm just really jealous myself and will cry. He talked to us for a while giving us advice on how to have a successful blog. Content comes first! (so let me know if I suck lol)

I LOVE HER OUTFIT! The jacket from a second-hand shop and the vintage Chanel, MELTS MY HEART! She looked so cute! So glad I spotted her before I got on the train! 

So that was pretty much a summary of my night. I always joke that I need my own reality show! New York is so amazing, and the people really make it amazing. You can meet some pretty random, cool people anywhere you go and learn things you never thought you would know. I don't think I'm leaving NY for college. Maybe if I go to London. But New York is where it's at. Especially on September 10th!! FNO 2010 was such a hit, and I can't wait to hear all my other friend's stories soon! 


  1. Hey Luther!
    Amazing, as usual!
    Glad you had fun at FNO!
    Misss you soooo much!

  2. love the photos luther! <3