16 September, 2010

Social Commentary

Alright, so today I'm finally taking the time to review a bag I received from Banane Taipei!

For those of you who don't know, I received a package from Banane Taipei, which I have been waiting for to arrive, especially in time for the start of Fashion Week. It's a 100% green bag, also which happens to be a print of a green Birkin. Why save forever to get one when you can just get this, so WAY much less money!

Anyway, I LOVE this bag because it's the prefect eye-stealer and it is just the right size for your books, computer, or whatever you decide to put in to it! I take it to school as well as to Fashion Week, and everyone LOVES it. It was even photographed by Lori Goldstein, who is pretty much the TOP stylist for all the fashion magazines and many designers!

These bags are super amazing, and I have had so many pictures taken of my for various blogs and magazines all by wearing this bag! I just can't get over it! More pictures coming soon, but I just had to post this really fast. If you want to order one, you have to get on it now since the waiting list is a few months....They're really popular in Asia and many celebs there have one. They come in all different colors, and they're just so cute. Email Banana.tpe@gmail.com for more information! And I promise more pictures coming soon from me at Fashion Week with this bag!
And Photocred to Raquel K. Thanks so much!

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  1. i have the same color as yours! this bag is from my country "TAIWAN"!!!!