07 October, 2010

SS11 FW Roundup: Bottega Veneta

I feel that Bottega Veneta's shows are always the same, as they're really known for their amazing woven leather bags. I've never actually seen someone in their clothes. However, this season's collection was extremely classy, and wearable. I loved every second of it, from the dresses with minimal placement of feathers to the suits that formed around the women wearing them.

What I thought was pretty cool was the choice to make a dress, and play around with the movement of it using leather in different places and quantities, almost like patchwork. I felt it looked almost Celine-esque.

I also loved one of the dresses that were woven, as it mimicked her bag.
The suits were less-tailored than most I've seen this season, however it was a breath of fresh air as many designers tailor the same suits season after season some way or another. It was as if the girls were framing the suits, their good features pointing out wherever applicable.

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