05 December, 2010

Trees, Mammoths, and Family Values.

Today I went upstate to visit my grandparents, and help them decorate their Christmas tree! It was such an experience, as always. We ended up having such an amazing lunch and then went to pretty much the only clothing store in town, something along the lines of "Family Values". Although, everything was really around USD 300-1000.00. There was a lot of Missoni, and other foreign luxury brands. I did spot a Pendleton blanket that I would totally have transformed into a cape! 
I also wore my Grandpa's hat from Russia. It's so intense, and intensely warm. I felt like a Woolly Mammoth. 

These AMAZING fur gloves. Reminded me of bear paws. SO OUTRAGEOUS! 

Wearing my Grandpa's hat from Russia. It's pretty intense. 

My Partner in Crime Adriana Amatai, wearing her Jil Sander coat. 

Lunch. So great. And Grandma! Even better! 

Those sardines were amazing. And freshly imported. 
A ton of work went into decorating this tree! This photo doesn't do it justice. My wishlist for this Christmas: an SLR camera to take better pictures, and an iPad. Because who doesn't want an iPad? 

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  1. Your gloves are amazing,you look fierce as always;Bisous from Paris :)