15 January, 2011

In bed yet again...

So last night was the supposedly EPIC Skins party in the city. It wasn't, especially if you weren't one of the 800 that got in...(what happened to capacity 5000??!!)

Anyway I'm lying home sick because of last night, (and I've been on hold for 30 minutes with Apple over some stupid issue where my movie won't download on my iPad from iTunes) so I thought I should just give you a quick recap written by a really great friend of mine, since I have no recollection:

 you had four loko, made friends with some jersey kids on the subway, got in line at 8:15, were flirting with a hot guy for a while, hugged everyone on line, kissed jacob on the lips, continued the british accent, called your boss while drunk and left a few messages, passed out against the gate, fell on the floor, kept giving us the thumbs up sign, your eyes rolled to the back of your head, you nearly got stampeded, had like 50 people asking if you got better and cheering you on, a cop said you wouildnt get in, around 11 we had to call your mom because you were way to sick to get home alone, you have 4 mothers in your contact list so that was a problem, you dad gave us your address and you spoke to him in an accent, I left line to put you in a cab, you wandered off and tried to get in a cop car, I pulled you away and into a cab, you changed your building number 10 times but kept saying "midwood brooklyn new york" so I said good luck and let the cab driver take care of you. I went back in line, mad people thought I was sneaking in and were yelling but I bitched and it was fine. Then some other girls peed in line (nbd), we finally got to the door and they said they were at capacity with 800 people. There was a lot of yelling and fighting and some kid threw a lit cigarette at a cop. Overall, a completely ridiculous night so I bought some chicken nuggets and went home.

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