03 August, 2010

Fall 2010 Under Wraps

It's that time of year again, you know that period of time where it gets so cold that only the smartest fashionistas still stay stylish? Fall/Winter 2010. It gets so cold that you sacrifice your stylistic options and throw on a bear-sized fur coat. Fortunately it seems as it's all about to change come this season. 
Fall fashion week saw it's share of fashion faux paus, as well as some key trends to get us through this seemingly barren season. Designers sent models down the runways in layers upon layers of clothing. In a way it all makes sense. It's going to get really cold this season. However, the layering seemed less for warmth and more for the cause of finding a personal identity of style. 
Styling pretty much becomes whatever you want, with you having option upon option to mix and match to your destined wants and needs at the time. 
Take J.Crew, for example. Their models were covered in sequins, shearlings, cashmere, and denim. It was if a classy department store threw up on them, but in a very chic way. As a stylist, I naturally love to mix and match items from my closet. It's exciting to see that this is going to be a major trend. I love Fall so much because the options are endless. 
From Left: Christian Dior, J.Crew, Rag & Bone, Roberto Cavalli, Vanessa Bruno (all from Style.com)

So how exactly do you pull it off? The key word here is experimentation. Experiment. Layer things that you normally wouldn't layer. Play with draping. Mix and match textures and see where it gets you.
BUT....If you want the easy way out, here's a quick tip. Start with the basics. Put on some leggings. Then add denim shorts (that you salvaged from the remnants of your summer). Try a tee or shirt, and then a vest or cardigan. And BAM! Your first lesson in layering!

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