02 August, 2010

Meet Alex Black.

This is Alex Black. She's a dancer. Even her name makes you want to know her, right? Let alone her style. I personally love when people can leave their house with such great style, and still make it look effortless. One thing I was really drawn to was her arms, where she had a terrific collection of bracelets, and a glow in the dark Diesel watch. Also, one of the ways she balanced her look to make it effortless was the simplicity of the shirt and her jeans. Nothing was over the top. Her sandals also kept it simple, which was nice considering it would have been pretty easy to wear crazy shoes and throw off the whole look.

1 comment:

  1. This makes me ecstatic. Thank you.
    I love that you acknowledge an individual's style:)
    Hope to run into you again!