01 August, 2010

Thrifting with Sam Shop #1.

Yesterday I went thrift store shopping with one of my really good friends Sam. I was kind of lost for places to go around Union Square, but he knew of two really great places, which ended up to be really awesome!

The first was a really chic place on E.12th Street, called Care Thrift Shop. It was especially amazing because it had a feel of a more high-end boutique, and all proceeds benefited the Diabetes Research Institute. Not to mention Prada shirts for 40.00.
The clothes were all neatly tucked away and laid out in lavish displays, and it really felt like I was shopping somewhere in Italy. The prices were a bit over what you would normally find at thrift stores, but I guess it's all for a cause. Not to mention designer names everywhere you look. There's also tons of vintage stuff like clothes, bags, and luggage! I would definitely check this place out, and I'm definitely going back to pick up some stuff I saw that I fell in love with.
Look at all these shoes! Imagine this times like 3 in book shelves all over the store.
Even the way they hang up the jeans on the wall are awesome. I even saw some Dolce & Gabbana in there. 
Such a cute little store. 
And the outside of course. Yay Diabetes Research!

Address: 111 E. 12th Street NY NY

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