08 September, 2010

Fashion Week!! (and the bags I'm taking)

OMG. This next week is going to be CRAZY! I have five shows I'm working for, one of which I have to be at the tents at 5:30am, so I have to see how school fits into this whole schedule. I was also just invited to another show Friday night, right before Fashion's Night Out...which I still don't know what I'm doing yet.

The show is the Academy of Art University, which is the only Fashion Graduate School to show at Fashion Week. It seems like it's going to be really awesome, and I can't wait! I'm taking none other than the fabulous Zoe Baker...whose blog is under construction....Hopefully my bag from Taipei will arrive soon, so I can take it to all the shows! 

I'm also taking this bag...that my best friend Adriana made, the picture isn't the most recent, as it's still under construction here. I recently saw it and it looks AMAZING. Like 10X better! 

And we can't forget my Bottega...I've been using this for a while and am really feeling it all of a sudden! 

And no party is complete without my signature fur bag I made from an Ikea rug....which is going to be in Complex Magazine...They're going on sale soon!!!

And finally, I'm making Zoe wear this purse to the show on Friday night....I found it in a closet one day...

Let me know what you think on the bags! And I'm having those giveaways soon! Right after Fashion Week!

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