07 September, 2010

Too much to explain!

Alright, so it's been a VERY busy week.
And it's only going to get busier!
As you know, I've been interning for a casting director, Zan Ludlum. She's super awesome and buys me lunch and snacks EVERYDAY!
Anyway, we've been casting for FIVE shows, including Christian Cota, Bill Blass, and Vera Wang. It's been a rollercoaster working from 12 hour days sometimes, but it's so much fun.

Today I met Vera Wang, and she told me her clothes would look better on me than on some of the girls we were casting....lol! I died.
There's so much to learn in the Fashion Business, and I'm definitely soaking it all up like a sponge! I also went to Christian Cota, to help cast girls for his show. His collection looks AMAZING! He's up for an award, so tomorrow Anna Wintour is coming by to preview his collection. Too bad I have school...Or I would be there working with the girls and catch a glimpse of her...

Anyway, I helped make the boards for casting the girls, which shows our first choices, and then second, and then third and so on!

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