01 September, 2010

My first day at work!

Hey guys. Sorry the posts haven't been coming as frequently as they used to. I recently got an internship at Zan Ludlum, a model casting agency. Zan cast me for my Yahoo ad, as well as my Interview Magazine shoot! Anyway, it's super fun working here with all the 6-foot models stomping around. Since new models come in every day from the top modeling agencies in New York, I thought I would post some of their outfits each day, if I noticed trends or just liked what they were wearing! So something new to look forward to every day!

I noticed two trends today that I liked, and those were sheer fabrics and chic minimalism.
please observe:

I saw a lot of sheer fabrics today, something I think is really awesome when done correctly. It's no surprise since it was 95 degrees today! Wearing sheer fabric is sexy when it's revealing, but only truly chic when not too revealing. I know a ton of models get this look done on the cheap by shopping at American Apparel, (which is where the last shirt is from). Nice swimwear not included.

 The next trend I saw was a sense of clean minimalism. This can be achieved by essentially wearing as little as possible, but most importantly solid colors and simple, form-fitting things. For example, they all are wearing solid, fitted minis. Get one and simply pair it with a simple tank or blouse, and if you're feeling a little frisky (or cold), add a nice, clean-cut jacket to it. The key to this is thinking simple. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

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