02 September, 2010

Today's observations

I noticed a few things today:

 The LBD (Little Black Dress)

Loving the a-symmetrical shape of this dress! Normally I don't like one shoulder, but this is so simple and cute!

More sheer fabrics....
Hit up American Apparel for this shirt! 

And some other of my favorites of the day:

I just really like the zipper on this skirt. I wonder if it actually unzips. That would be pretty cool. 
I loved her leather skirt, although in this picture it seems out of proportion to her upper half. She also looked really cute in those glasses! 
This was perhaps my favorite outfit of the day, because it was the perfect dress for her! I loved the fall color, and it's nice to have something so simple paired with the black stockings and brown booties! It also seems very comfortable. It reminds me of that purple Miu Miu dress that was featured in every fall magazine!

1 comment:

  1. Just a lil inside scoop: H&M has got an almost identical version of that sheer black shirt for 12 buckeroos - I got it the other day.
    Pretty much the same thing and for about 30 dollars cheaper, I think it's MUCH better!