15 October, 2010

The one show I want to see before I die...

Although Alexander McQueen is dead, his spirit lived on through his collection, continued by Sarah Burton, the new creative director of the House of McQueen. Burton has worked closely with the late designer, and it's evident through her designs that she knows what she's doing. If one were living under a rock for years, they would most likely think it was his work. Here are some pictures via Sociallitelife.com, from the show. Like I said, if I could choose any show I could be invited to before I died, it would be McQueen. Genius. Pure genius.

The details in the neckline are amazing. Three-dimentional butterflies? 

The belt here and shoes are beautiful. 

You all remember these sleeves from Plato's Atlantis?  

Love the idea that the leaves are cut out. 

Laser cutter anyone? 

I ROFL'ed when I saw this. Wheat. Healthy. 

I die. 

I'm always fascinated by these shirts with beading from top to bottom that's sheer. 

My new obsession dress-wise. AHHH!!!

The feathers are put on so perfectly, and the shape!!!! 
If only that was me sitting in the front row. Or in that dress. 
She's my new best friend. Like Seriously. She doesn't know it yet. 

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