20 October, 2010

You won't be forgotten.

As you may know, today is "wear purple day", to celebrate and remember those LGBT teens who have committed suicide because they felt it was the only option. I'm definitely wearing my only purple shirt, and I hope you are too. I thought it would be nice to pick out some of my favorite looks from the runways this past season that were purple, proof that there is something purple to wear for EVERY girl out there. Check them out, and remember those who aren't with us anymore:

Stuart Matis, 32
Eric Mohat, 17
Carl Walker-Hoover, 11
Jaheem Herrea, 11
Phoebe Prince, 15
David Standley, 21
Justin Aaberg, 15
Tim Tilley, 20
Todd Ransom, 28
Billy Lucas, 15
Cody Barker, 17
Tyler Clementi, 18
Asher Brown, 13
Chloe Lacey, 18
Seth Walsh, 13
Zach Harrington, 19
Raymond Storm Chase, 19
Aiyisha Hassan, 19

You will never be forgotten.

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