04 November, 2010

More Lanvin for H&M

Hey guys, just thought I'd post my favorite dresses from the collection! Let me know what you think!
And then the campaign after!

I'm loving this faux-fur jacket! Very Chanel-inspired! 

The way this dress drapes over your body is amazing. 

I really like the top portion of this dress, and how it is bunched and ruffled. 

This is a great dress because it will look great on anyone, and the detailing is also really nice.

This is his signature shaped-dress from last season, and it's very dramatic and will cause second looks! 

This is also a very dramatic dress, as it has some serious shoulder power going on up there! Something he's known for doing very well! This is definitely a show-stopper. 

The shoes are all beautiful! 

The colors are all so intense! 

I want these shades! 

Even the bags are pretty intense! 

Can't wait until the 20th! 

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