09 January, 2011

Another cold day in brooklyn.

I know it's been a long time since I've posted...sorry about that. But I'm back in ring. So this was an outfit I wore last night but was too "tired" to take pictures. So I wore it this morning. The double-breasted blazer I stole from my mom's vintage closet in our house in Cape May, New Jersey. Same with the beige and black sweaters. I sewed the grey jersey into my pants, and thought it would be cool to wear my favorite wool red socks. The scarf is actually a 5.00 Pashmina scarf that I sewed into a circle scarf. And those glasses I'm wearing...also from my mom's closet. They're these awesome red, orange, and yellow cat-eye sunglasses that I found. They either look great or crazy on me. I honestly can't tell. And the glitter leather bag...it was a gift from my second mom. I have no idea where it's from, but I'm not giving it up! I just can't get over that it's glittery and leather at the same time! It's amazing and perfect size for my iPad, iPhone, wallet, and whatever else I need for a good night out. 

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